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Never forget, we belong to one another

"Every child deserves a voice

and every life deserves to shine

and every babe should have a choice

to live as if they're mine

No child should be alone

No child should have no home

In a dry and barren land they roam

I hear every orphans cry"

From the CD

Lynn Schriner Amazed

Orphan cry

We are looking forward because GOD is doing a miracle!

Bless you so much for coming to our web site! I have been praying for the right words to say so that you won't turn away from this desperate need. Please don't believe that we cannot make a difference because we do!!!  One well can change the lives of hundreds, even thousands of people who will begin the long journey back to life. Mothers and children will no longer have to walk up to nine miles a day for a bucket of water! Since the wells are being drilled the missionaries thru Life Outreach have seen babies grow strong again. They have seen livestock grow strong and begin to give milk. They have begun to grow crops that can be brought to market after everyone is fed! Feeding programs are in place through our partners in Christ, and as stated we drilled 1 wells in 2005, 2 wells in 06, 4 wells in 07 and  1 well in 2008.Close to 4000 kids were fed. The year 2009 brought alot of changes for all of us! With the economy crashing we lost our donor base..but in 2012 our donor base grew and with the summer fundraising we were able to fund our 10th water well! Now at the close of 2012 we have an exciting Donor matching program! Any funding sent between now and Christmas Day will be matched!!!! DOUBLE YOUR DONATION!!!

We need to act NOW, before another child dies. We need to give out of our abundance of ease and grace that living in America is!  Our toughest days are cake compared to the lives of these orphans!

Please help us by donating of your time and talents, your money and your prayers!

Damascus Ministries is a group of caring people who give of their time and talents because children cry out and no one listens. We are a 501c3 charity and we donate 100% of all donations to the Orphan projects! NO ONE TAKES A SALARY! There is a governing board who oversees the giving. It's that simple!

We are counting on you to help! Spread the word about us and what we are doing!

Our CD's, Books and prayers are all available to you so that you can help these kids to have hope!

Please contact us, sign up thru the guest book, call us, write us! We care about you too!!!

Much Love to you

Dr Lynn &

The Orphan Crew

The greatest journey begins with the first step!

We need people to come aboard and help us! If you have a passion for orphans please contact us..

2012 water well project is in the final stretch! Our goal is two more wells before Christmas! Won't you help make this a year of giving?

Contact us at for information on the concert in the garden

One Act of Kindness is all it takes to make a change for a hurting person.




We give in the spirit of love, because we have been given so much!